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A Song Written About Johnny’s
Johnny’s Dance Band Experience

You Can Drive

We packed the last of the amplifiers and instruments in the back of this rusty, beat up Ford Econoline Van. Tony fished a cigarette outa’ my shirt, sat himself down in the passenger seat, and sighed a line he’d just written on his hand.
You Can Drive, I don’t mind.
You Can Drive, I’m just goin’ along for the ride,
You Can Drive, to paradise.
We headed out of town in the moonlight on a long drive to the Jersey Shore, music swimmin’ in our heads. Goin’ on and on about the future and the late night girls we’d meet there, and oh my God the good times we’d have.
And we’d play anywhere the money was good,
Anywhere the honeys would show,
We were young men in love
with the road.
We drove to the dawn at Sommers Point, parked the van in the back lot behind the bar we were playin’ at that night. Checked in down by the bayside drew our blankets over the sand and nodded off to the lullaby of the tides.
And we’d go anywhere the breezes would blow,
Anywhere it pleased us to go,
We were young men in love with the road.

(Bridge lyrics – unsung)
And there was nothin’
ever got in the way,
Wouldn’t move by itself
when we’d play.
Life disappeared on the stage everyday.