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Johnny Jackson

Singer/Songwriter, Recording Artist, Producer

The Jonitunes Sonic Catalog and Songbook

Current studio recordings with chorded lyric sheets of Johnny’s original tunes in country, rock, folk, jazz and other genres.

Johnny Jackson, Co-Founder of Johnny’s Dance Band 

Philly’s Phenom of the 70’s on RCA Records

John C. Jackson with Johnny's Dance Band


Johnny’s Got a New Band

The call went out in January 1979 for competent musicians interested in auditioning for a Philadelphia rock band to back former singer/songwriter/ guitarist/bassist and co-founder of Johnny’s Dance Band, one Johnny Jackson. By an act of God, Read the rest. . . 

Dues – Johnny’s Newest Release

Released in February 2016, Dues offers nine songs originating from Johnny’s Country persuasions. “Life on the Farm,” written in 1970 while living in a barn, later became a Johnny’s Dance Band classic while Barkin’ – circa 1979, is a remake of the popular Boomer tune. The rest come squarely off the top of his story-telling head 2002–2004. So, why “Dues?” Fair question, not an easy answer so, let’s just leave it at “paid in full!”

John C. Jackson's latest CD: Dues

Round Trip and Songs from Baseballtown

Round Trip CD Cover Art
Songs from Baseballtown CD Cover

The Artworks of John C. Jackson

John C. Jackson also has a professional career in art as a marine sculptor,
furniture designer and cabinet maker.
For a comprehensive overview, please visit John C. Jackson Woodworks